The cricket season is back at the ICC World Cricket Championships in full swing. This time, though, there’s something else that keeps people busy. Yes, we are talking about Mauka Mauka ads.

Viewers will also be glued to TV screens after the game to see a new installment of the series. #MaukaMauka sends flood schedules, Tweets and mailboxes; Let’s look at the videos that have taken the country by storm.

How it all started:

The first video in the series was released before the match between India and Pakistan. It showed the protagonist, a Pakistani man who bought a fireworks box to celebrate whether Pakistan won Pakistan in the Indian World Cup in 1992. Unfortunately, in 2015, he didn’t get “Maukaa” to use it for the sixth time. This funny ad from India V.S. Pakistan became a huge success and it started the trend #MaukaMauka.

And it continues:

This trend has continued and there are currently 3 more episodes in the series. The second part was an Indian USA promo. A South African game in which two South African players give a young boy in an Indian shirt a box of biscuits so they can use “tasty” because India never won a match against them.

In the third video, the protagonist is back. Disappointed that India has defeated South Africa, he kicks a biscuit pack. At that time, the UAE player hands over his team’s jersey. He puts it in the hope that they will at least win India.

In the next video, you’ll see the protagonist in a UAE jersey, and he sure looks confused when India has won for the third time in a row. He gets a delivery from YepMe and finds a West Indian shirt in it. What happens when he opens the box is a lot of fun. The latest installment to join the ranks has suffered a bit of a twist. A Pakistani supporter is seen in an Indian sweater that enters a newsroom with a box of biscuits. Find out why she has a blue leotard by watching the new Mauka video. Even the slogan they use “This is not the World Cup, this is India vs. the world” has spread like wildfire. Here are some answers we can get from various social networking sites:

Last modified: April 21, 2021