We have only just reached the semi-finals, but the England ICC Cricket World Championships 2019 have already won audience records around the world. The Star India network reported more than 315 million views recorded in the first two weeks of the tournament, with a total of 166 million people watching the match against India and Australia 9. June. Watching continued to warm up as 229 million spectators were scheduled to watch the match between India and Pakistan.

Interest in the tournament was significant in Australia despite a nine-hour time difference in which the match between Australia and Pakistan attracted 380,000 spectators and a 10.7% share. More than 613,000 viewers have tuned in to TV rights holders Fox Sports ’cricket viewing during the tournament’s first seven matches, and an average of 88,000 viewers Game.

Online excitement continues to grow

This interest has expanded into the social world, as the match between England and Australia is followed by Australian cricket fans on Twitter so far seven times more socially than any other match played in Australia. Online competition between India and Pakistan was typically fierce, proving to be the most watched match for Australians in the tournament to date, with 103,000 fans beating the results during the match on domains like “espncricinfo” and “cricbuzz”. This increase in the number of online is due to the fact that matches not shown in Australia are limited to pay-TV channels.

As a sign of ever-changing times, seven out of ten World Cup-related searches take place online on mobile devices as people check the results on the go. Advertisers have an average of four or five chances to reach these fans on match days, but the number rises to nine chances a day when Australia plays.

The time difference between England and Australia makes it difficult for even the toughest fans to keep up with the whole match, which can help further reduce the number of viewers online and on traditional television combined with paid subscription requirements. Nevertheless, they make an exception for greater competition. More than 500,000 viewers watched the final chapter of the competition between Australia and England on the old cricket channel Channel 9, and another 360,000 viewers on Fox Sports.

Search for life on cricket related searches online

Surprisingly, Australia’s search hobby for World Cup-related content culminates on days when the team is not playing, although the type of content retrieved and read online varies according to the Australian team’s schedule. About 73% of fans read reports and estimate match dates when an Australian team plays, while on rest days, when other teams change their interest in the live results of these events, they account for 63% of searches.

The performance of the Australian team also puts the mood of Australian citizens on social platforms. Social interaction is at its peak – and increases by about 400% – on game days, but the mood varies greatly. Positive emotions can grow up to 23% around the team if they win.

Social atmosphere over time

By geographic area, New South Wales and Victoria are home to most cricket fans, and seven out of ten related searches are from one of these states. Sydney and Melbourne represent almost 60% of the cricket TV audience, although Adelaide and Perth fans are more committed as 60% watch the second inning of the match against England.


As we move into the playoffs, fan interest in the World Cup will inevitably increase, giving advertisers even more opportunities to reach committed fans at the right time. But ultimately, understanding where and how the audience behaves at dynamic events, such as the World Cup, gives advertisers an advantage.

Last modified: June 4, 2021